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金海客運有限公司 – Kam Hoi Travel Services Company Limited

Our company has over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. Not only do we strive for the finest quality, we also offer the best customer-centric, innovative solutions to customers.

我們的優勢 Our Benefits

High Quality

Safe & Punctual

Reasonable Price

服務範圍 Our Services

· 校車服務 School Bus Service
· 團體租車服務 Bus Rental Service for Organisations
· 結婚、酒席宴會接送 Bus Rental Service for Wedding &
· 旅遊巴士租賃服務 Tour Bus Rental Service
· 商務租車 Commercial Bus Rental Service
· 員工接送服務 Staff Pick-up Service

聯絡我們 Contact Us

金海創辦人: 黎先生
The Founder of Kam Hoi: Frankie Lai

電話號碼 Phone Number: +852 9190 9611
電郵地址 Email Address:

我們 24小時營業,歡迎隨時聯絡我們!
We are open 24/7 to offer you transportation solutions, please feel free to contact us anytime !

感言 Our Testimonials


“I’ve been working with Kam Hoi for many years, and Mr.Lai is a very good working partner. His buses are new and comfy, my students enjoy every moment in there.”
A Primary School Principal

「我個女坐咗3 年校巴, 架校巴士每日都好準時到我屋企樓下, 佢仲話好鍾意個保姆姨姨。」
– 九龍塘學校的家教會成員

“My daughter has been taking the school bus for 3 years, and the school bus reaches my home on time every day. My daughter really likes the school bus attendant.”
– A PTA Member of the School in Kowloon


“We are a Singapore National Choir Team and rented the Kam Hoi’s bus to perform and visit different places last week. The driver was extremely professional and polite, he took us to every location on time, we even wrote a greeting card to thank him at the end!”
– The Singapore National Choir Team